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Periodically I get asked to do freelance web design work. If you are interested in me doing work for you, I am always glad to consider a project, but here are a couple of things for you to know first.

Since I already do web design and development for my 40-hour-per-week, “regular” job, I have to be pretty discriminating in the freelance jobs that I accept. The reality is that creative work is hard and drains a lot of energy from me. If I take on too much work, I will quickly become exhausted and unable to produce quality work.

So, here are some of the conditions I have for freelance projects:

1. I like to have a vested interest. This means that maybe I know you and you’re my friend. It could mean that the project relates to a cause that I’m concerned with or want to support. It could also mean it’s just an interesting, fun challenge.

2. I have to have the skills to complete the project successfully. I have a limited set of skills and, while I love learning new ones, I am not willing to take on a project that I am not confident that I can do well with. This means I am not interested in projects that require significant programming. I am more of a designer than a developer. You can ask me for details of what I am capable of doing.

3. There needs to be financial incentive. In order for me to take on a project, it needs to make sense for me financially. I won’t charge exorbitantly, but I do need to charge a fair market rate. Now that’s vague, I know, but the cost, of course, depends on the project. If you’re looking for a ballpark figure, though, expect to pay between $500-$1500 for a custom design, CMS implementation, and training. (I charge hourly, in most cases, so that’s where the variation comes in.) 

If after reviewing these conditions you think you may have a project I would be interested in, contact me and we can have further discussions.

- Andrew