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Everyone loves the sports. Some of us, however, have trouble keeping up with all the sport teams, sport games, and such. We want to be supportive of our enthusiastic friends, but just have trouble keeping up. I have been in this spot for many years.

Recently, I had an idea of a way I could support my sport friends and truly be a part of their world—a “sports” t-shirt. I don’t know the teams, I don’t know the colors, I don’t even know the rules, but with this new t-shirt it won’t matter. Think of it as a jersey for sports—all sports and all sport teams.

So I present to you the Sport T:

Sports T-shirt Preview

But this is about more than my sport t! This is about me offering it to you! Today, you can sign up to receive your own sport t! This is a great way to show your sport sympathies even though you don’t know anything about them other than that some people really care about them! This is huge.

Sign up below. Leave questions in the comments.


  • Shirts will be printed on heather gray American Apparel, short-sleave t-shirts in unisex sizes.
  • The cost will be around $15. If 0-12 people sign up it will be higher; if over 12 people sign up lower.
  • Payment will requested after the signup is finished. You will be able to pay via square cash, paypal, or regular cash (if you live near me).

Go to the order form